PureCraftPE has tons of features! Every single one makes it unique and adds to the overall experience. Here are a few of the most notable features!


Get Ranks and show your superiority on PureCraftPE! You also get special kits with each rank as an incentive for ranking up!


If you're tired of survival or just want to take a break from building, look at parkour world! There are varying levels of difficulty too!

Land Claiming

Tired of Griefed Builds? Well with land claim that's a thing of the past. This simple feature stops your builds from getting destroyed!


What's a diamond sword without enchantments galore? PureCraftPE has working Enchantment tables, and unique enchantments that are exclusive to this server only!


Want to be the next MCPE Billionaire? Well you can work your way up to that with MCPE currency!


Minecraft is better together, and that is the aim of clans on PureCraftPE. Thrive together, forge empires together and obliterate your foes with your fellow clan mates side by side.


These few simple rules keep the server fun, follow them and you'll do great!

Don't be rude, immature, or inappropriate

It's not fun for anyone, it's also just going to land you a ban.

No Drama

This is not an HBO show, Minecraft is a game. It's supposed to be enjoyable!

No Dating/Explicit Chat

PureCraftPE doesn't want to be a vector for creeps to hit on other Minecraft players! Help us keep it that way by not engaging in virtual dating or inappropriate chat!

No Advertising!

We want people to play on PureCraftPE, it's only expected that we wouldn't want our competitors to advertise their lesser servers!

No Spam!

Talking to your friends through PureCraftPE's chat is fun! Don't ruin that by filling up chat with your crazy spam (No canned spam either).

No "Hacking"

Everyone hates a cheater, you'll eventually get caught anyway, and permanently banned. Just don't do it. This includes modded clients too!

No exploits

This differs from hacking in the sense that you're not using any 3rd party software. However, it's just as bad. Permanent ban!

That's It!

We know these are easy rules to follow, and that most players won't break them anyway, but they are here to protect all of the good players by stopping the bad ones right away!